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About Me

I am a painter as well as an illustrator and work in acrylics. Much of my work depicts images that symbolize various social issues including those of gender, race, religion, mental health and politics.
Love of nature is very evident in my work and expresses my belief that spirituality can be connected to through the "great outdoors" and is often a dominant theme in my work.

I have a recognizable style and strive to keep my work unique and personal.  By rendering images with heavy line and symbolic subjects that foray into the "otherworldly", I attempt to convey a "story" that expresses feeling rather than just rendering photograph-like objects. 

I have been illustrating and painting professionally for over twenty years and have displayed work in juried shows, galleries and exhibits across the country from Santa Cruz, California to Northampton, Massachusetts.

 In 2017 my work was chosen to be viewed in juried shows in Monson, Massachusetts at the Monson Arts Council Gallery and in Manhattan, New York at the Manhattan Art International Gallery “Her Story” exhibition.

The spring, summer and fall of 2017 began in late April with a 6 week thirty two piece showing at the Elements Brewery in Millers Falls, MA. We then began our festival tour starting with the Mutton and Mead Renaissance and Medieval Festival in Montague, MA , then on to the Market of the Moons Festival in Cummington, MA. We were then chosen to participate in the Berkshires Arts & Culture Festival in Lenox, MA, the 2017 Connecticut Renaissance Faire in Lebanon, Connecticut , North Quabbin Garlic & Arts Festival in Orange, MA and ending our year at the Paradise City Arts Festival in Northampton, MA.
I am a native of Northampton, Massachusetts and hold a bachelor's degree in Psychology and Behavior Analysis and a master's degree in Social Work.

For 2018 our upcoming shows and festivals are listed on our calender page.